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Getting away a good thing

Posted by Teresa Varley on September 26, 2013 – 2:27 pm

While many are concerned about the Steelers facing distractions when they arrive in London, safety Ryan Clark thinks they will be getting away from the distractions that come with being an 0-3 team.

“I think it’s good to get away,” said Clark. “I don’t think it will be a distraction in a bad way because of the way Coach (Mike) Tomlin handles it. I think it will be a distraction in a good way because it gets us away from every day hearing what’s going on with us.

“We can get away, spend time together as a team, get some of the chemistry and fellowship that you lose once the offense and defense go into meetings, you study separate. It gives us the opportunity to just play football and try to win the game. That’s become our focus this week.”

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Mesko shares insight on playing at Wembley

Posted by Teresa Varley on September 26, 2013 – 2:19 pm

Punter Zoltan Mesko knows what it’s like to play in London as the New England Patriots were one of the teams that took part in the International Series last year when he was with them. Mesko shared some stories with the players and coaches about what to expect.

“I just filled them in on a couple of facts,” said Mesko. “I don’t think there is a secret to it. The same dimensions are there as we have here. It’s just that it’s in the 80,000 people range and I’m sure it’s going to be a full house. It’s going to be a nice environment for us to play in and we are excited to prepare for a win.

“There is a lot of excitement. The NFL does a great job of putting on this event. There are a lot of jerseys besides the two teams that will be playing on Sunday. It’s an International love for the sport of football. It’s a pretty cool environment. I think both teams will be getting equal cheers.”

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A tasty London sendoff

Posted by Teresa Varley on September 26, 2013 – 9:27 am

Thanks to Parkhurst Dining for the tasty sendoff today.


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Stopping Johnson is no easy task

Posted by Teresa Varley on September 4, 2013 – 2:56 pm

The defense will face a stiff challenge this week trying to stop Titans all-everything running back Chris Johnson. Last year they were able to contain him, holding him to “just” 91 yards on 19 carries. They know in order to do it again they have to wrap him up and not let him get away from an initial tackle.

“It’s not letting Chris Johnson get a crack,” said safety Ryan Clark. “He is a guy that scares you. If you stop him for a loss it doesn’t matter, he can go 80 yards the next play. It’s about knowing your gap and being in front of him. You have to tackle him. That is the main thing about it, getting him on the ground. He is a guy you can get close to and never get to wrap him up because he is so quick, so shifty and so explosive. We have done a good job, but he has gotten off on us too.

“We have to be physical with him early and try to get him from wanting to run against us.”

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What’s happening at training camp

Posted by Teresa Varley on July 28, 2013 – 2:43 pm

There is plenty for Steelers fans to do at training camp, both young and old. In addition to watching the team practice, fans can shop at the Steelers merchandise tent, visit the FedEd Traveling Great Hall, play at Steelers Experience and new this year stay connected with the team by visiting the Steelers Social tent. Make sure to follow the @steelers on Twitter to learn more. #HereWeGo
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Ben celebrates Fourth of July in Ireland

Posted by Teresa Varley on July 4, 2013 – 11:01 am


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger celebrated the Fourth of July at the American Embassy in Ireland taking in a game of flag football along with Steelers chairman Dan Rooney.

Roethlisberger handled the coin toss duties for the game that has became an Independence Day tradition at the Embassy residence when Rooney served as the United States Ambassador to Ireland, and is continuing even after he stepped down from the post.

Ireland_July4_1 Ireland_July4_3 Ireland_July4_4 Ireland_July4_BTeam

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Keisel and Hanrahan sport the Burgh’s best beards

Posted by Teresa Varley on September 4, 2012 – 7:34 pm

Defensive end Brett Keisel and Pirates All-Star closer Joel Hanrahan have the most recognizable and best known beards in Pittsburgh, and all of sports for that matter, and on Tuesday they had a chance to compare them when Keisel took in the Pirates batting practice.

The two joked and laughed about their well-known beards, and the “joys” of growing and maintaining their facial hair, but these are two guys that take their beards seriously.

“His is good,” said Keisel of Hanrahan’s beard. “You can tell he puts time into it. It’s a commitment. Any time you want length and success, you have to make a commitment and that is what he is doing. I think it looks good.

“He has a different style. He doesn’t have the full go, but you have to give him props.”

Hanrahan joked that he was jealous of Keisel’s full beard, which has a website, Facebook page and merchandise line, saying that no matter how hard he tries he can’t get to where Keisel is.

“It’s awesome,” said Hanrahan. “I wish I was fortunate enough to grow one like that. I can only grow it on my chin. He has a big following with that beard. I just started mine two years ago and it’s kind of gross, kind of disgusting, but that is how people recognize me.”

Keisel began growing his beard as a good luck playoff beard, and because of its success has had it return every year. Hanrahan decided last season not to shave his until he blew a save for the Pirates, and when the closer rolled off 26 straight en route to an All-Star selection it stayed.

“I figured I would leave it and let it go and started again this year,” said Hanrahan, sporting one of Keisel’s Da Beard hats. “I had such a good reaction to it from the fans so I grew it out again and I have had another nice season so the beard is a part of that.”

He is hoping his beard brings the Pirates the same kind of luck Keisel’s has brought the Steelers, as the Pirates are currently in the wild card playoff hunt.

“This is the first year in a long time we have been in a position to get in the playoffs,” said Hanrahan. “If it becomes something like that and they want to run with it, I will keep that going.”

Keisel and shortstop Clint Barmes flash the “Zoltan” sign.

Alex Presley, Clint Barmes, Brett Keisel, Travis Snider, Josh Harrison, and Brock Holt.

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Steelers lead Eagles 3-0

Posted by Teresa Varley on August 9, 2012 – 7:58 pm

The Steelers took the opening drive to the Philadelphia 28-yard line, where Shaun Suisham hit a 46-yard field goal for a 3-0 lead. Ben Roethlisberger was 7 for 8 for 49 yards on the drive, while Isaac Redman had five carries for 14 yards.

Fullback David Johnson was injured on the drive and left the game. He has been taken to the locker room.

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Defense holds again

Posted by Teresa Varley on January 1, 2012 – 4:48 pm

The Steelers were forced to punt, pinning the Browns deep. The defense then held the Browns to another three-and-out.

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Defense holds Browns

Posted by Teresa Varley on January 1, 2012 – 4:32 pm

The Steelers defense forced their second three-and-out. Troy Polamalu started the drive off by sacking Browns QB Seneca Wallace.

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Steelers turn it over on down

Posted by Teresa Varley on January 1, 2012 – 4:28 pm

The Steelers were unable to convert on 4th and 3 and turn the ball over on downs.

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Steelers and Browns underway

Posted by Teresa Varley on January 1, 2012 – 4:18 pm

The Steelers kicked off to start the game. The Browns went three-and-out to open the game thanks to a sack by Lawrence Timmons.

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Hearing from Ben

Posted by Teresa Varley on November 13, 2011 – 6:28 pm

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s comments frollowing the Steelers win over the Bengals:

How important was it after last week to come out and get back on track?
“It was a divisional game, so it was huge for us to get out here and come to a hostile place with a team playing great football. It was a good one for us. A good test.”

How do you feel about how you played?
“We won. Truthfully, I’m sure there are a few things that we would like to have back — some plays that we’d like to make here or there. But, without looking at it, we’ll take it.”

Can you talk about the late third-quarter drive when you went no-huddle?
“That was kind of the mentality — ‘Let’s go no-huddle and try and get down there. Let’s answer.’ We take pride as an offense in wanting to be the best. It’s our time to do it, so let’s step up and score. We always want to answer. If I remember right, it was a pretty long drive, converting third downs. That’s huge. It gives our defense a break, wears their defense down, and when you score at the end of it, then it’s good.”

Can you talk about why you were so excited when Jerricho Cotchery caught that touchdown pass?
“I don’t know. I’m excited for him to get his first one. He was a little amped. It’s not like me, but I couldn’t hold it back.”

How do you feel about William Gay after getting so much criticism last week and then coming up with the big interception?
“You know, I don’t see that stuff because I don’t read the paper. But, he stepped up big. Byron Leftwich was standing next to me and he said, ‘Come on Will, undercut this.’ Next thing you know, Byron’s hitting me saying, ‘I told you, I told you.’ It was a heck of a play. It was a game changer for us. We love it when the defense gets us turnovers.”

You guys were running the ball when you went three-wide, but in the base-set the running game struggled. Why is that?
“It’s tough. We were talking about that, too. The second-to-last drive when we went three and out, we brought in three tight ends, and we were running the ball in that. They’re downhill and filling holes and it’s really hard to run it in that situation. We’ll still want to do that, but it’s hard. We were saying, ‘Let’s go three or four- wide and run the ball.’ It just spreads them out a little bit. We’ll go to the drawing board. Not that we need to change anything, but we’ll look at the film and see what we can do to hold on to the ball better. The last drive we did it, but the second to last drive, we need to do it.”

Can you talk about Antonio Brown? Did he just have the hot hand today?
“Mike Wallace was getting double-teamed. That opens up the back side. He’s coming along. He’s done some great things. I’m really proud of some of the throws that I had to put on his back shoulder — adjustments that he had to make, he made. That’s just awesome on his part.”

How were the wind conditions out there?
“It was really windy. That’s the only reason I went with the glove, because you can spin it a little better. It definitely affected some throws, but you know me, I’ll never make excuses.”

Were those audibles on those plays to Antonio Brown?
“I can’t tell you that (joking).”

Is he getting open, or are you just going to him no matter what?
“Honestly, sometimes he’s open and sometimes he’s not open, but to me he’s open. If he’s one-on-one and the DB’s back is to me, then he’s open. That’s the confidence that I have in him and all the guys, really.”

Is it a good time for the bye week?
“It’s perfect timing for guys that are banged up. We’ll get some guys back. Guys that just have nicks here and there will get rested up. It’s a good time for us. You definitely want to have this long time off after a win. When you go into it with a loss, you are ready to play again. For us, it’s a good time.”

Do you feel good about the team heading into the bye week?
“Yeah. I think we’re getting by. We are doing enough things offensively and defensively to win, but I still don’t thing we’re playing to our full potential. As long as we’re winning games, that’s all that matters. Hopefully when we do hit it full stride and we’re actually playing really well — who knows where we’ll go.”

What do you see in Andy Dalton?
“He’s a good player. He spins the ball really well, especially with the wind. He was spinning it really well. He seems to be very cerebral. He knows what’s going on out there. I think that he is playing the best out of all the rookie quarterbacks. The other guys have numbers, but he makes some great throws. We were on the sideline, Byron, (Leftwich) Charlie (Batch) and I and we were saying ‘Oh, that’s a good throw.’ He makes good throws, he anticipates and I think he’s playing really well. I told him, ‘We’ll see you in a couple weeks, but you’re playing lights out.”

What are your thoughts on the AFC North? Is it going to be tough?
“Always. It’s always the toughest division. It’s always a slugfest. It’s never going to be easy, no matter what the teams are.”

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