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Coach Mike Tomlin Post-Game Comments

Posted by Teresa Varley on November 25, 2012 – 4:45 pm

Opening comments:
That was an ugly performance. As ours, we own it. When you turn the ball over the way we did today you are not going to beat anybody. That is just the reality of the National Football League. I am surprised it was that close given the turnover situation. We are not looking for comfort. We understand that we are not going to have much support after a performance like that.  We probably deserve that. We have to go back to work and get back to playing fundamental football. We were highly penalized; we turned the ball over. When you do those things you are going to lose. I don’t care who’s playing quarterback.

Can you talk about Charlie Batch’s performance?
It wasn’t good enough.

Do you have an injury update?
No, not really. (LaMarr)Woodley had an ankle. Mike Adams had an ankle. I don’t know the extent of those injuries. They will be evaluated. I will have more for you on Tuesday.

Were you just trying to find a running back that can hold the ball?

Were the problems uncharacteristic or more symptomatic of something else?
It really doesn’t matter. The reality of it is we didn’t do a good job of securing the football today. We didn’t do a good job of converting third downs. It was ugly.

Can you talk about the decision to sit Willie Colon?
He didn’t practice on Friday. He was listed on the injury report. He had pain in his knee. We thought there was a chance it was going to perk up and it didn’t. When he went through warm-ups we discovered he couldn’t do it. Unfortunately for him and us he wasn’t able to play.

Re: Timing of the turnovers
When you have that many turnovers you can frame it however you want to frame it. There were a bunch of them. Pick one, or two, or three.

Do you have any sense of getting any injured players back next week?
I hadn’t pondered that as I sit here right now. Obviously those are top of the week things. Right now I am just thinking about this performance we just put out there.  

Re: Switching running backs because of fumbles
They were fumbling the ball. We are going to play people that can secure the football. After everybody does it, obviously there aren’t many choices left.

Did Mike Wallace give enough of an effort on the deep ball that was picked off?

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5 Responses to “Coach Mike Tomlin Post-Game Comments”

  1. By jlechman86 on Nov 25, 2012 | Reply

    Mike Wallace sure is not the player he was in the past!

  2. By dwilhjelm on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Really guys? Come on man!! No excuses…Step up this week and make Steeler nation proud!!

  3. By dwilhjelm on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    Really guys? Come on man!! No excuses…Step up this week and make Steelers nation proud!!

  4. By southernsteelersfan on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    I personally don’t think Mike Wallace has given enough effort throughout the season and the Browns game was no surprise where he was concerned! At 45 years old I can still run a 4.4-40… Running down the field means absolutely nothing if you don’t make the catch, or should I say don’t make the effort to make the catch!! He didn’t even turn towards the ball on that sideline throw nor did he begin to attempt to defend the catch when he was undercut on that last interception… All season long we have suffered from his lack of effort!! If he is so talented it would be nice to see some of that talent executed on the field!!!

  5. By jim on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    You sure can not tell that this is a contract year for Wallace. Thought he would have tried even harder since he wants so much more money

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