Lewis gives back to hometown kids

November 9, 2012 by Teresa Varley

Cornerback Keenan Lewis has a soft spot in his heart for kids in the Algiers neighborhood where he grew up in New Orleans and that is why when his help was needed, he answered the call.

Lewis made a donation to Martin Behrman Charter School Academy of Creative Arts & Sciences to help the school’s cheerleading team, after learning about the need from his mother, Muriel Lewis, a seventh grade teacher at the school.

 “They asked if I could help,” said Lewis. “I never thought twice about it. Whenever I have an opportunity to help out I do. I love the kids. That is my passion, to see them live out their dream.

“I always try to give back to the kids, give them a chance to live their dream, especially the kids who can’t always participate in afterschool activities. I was able to participate and I want them to have the same opportunity.”

Lewis spends time in New Orleans during the offseason, and when he is there visits the area schools, including his alma mater O. Perry Walker High School, talking to the kids and providing much needed encouragement.

“Keenan is genuinely looked up to by these students, many of which desire to walk in his footsteps as a professional athlete,” said his mother. “If he ever calls me while I am in class and I happen to answer, my students beg me to place the phone on speaker so they can greet him.”

And when he is there in person, he makes sure he takes the time to talk to the kid’s one on one and as a group.

“I let them know they can make it the same way I did,” said Lewis. “The kids know me and look up to me so I go back as much as I can and try to be the best role model I can on and off the field.”


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