Ready to run with it

November 8, 2012 by Teresa Varley

There is nothing Isaac Redman hates more than standing on the sidelines being a spectator, so when he returned to the field last Sunday against the Giants after being inactive the previous two weeks, it came as a huge relief.

“It felt good to be back,” said Redman, who missed two games with an ankle injury. “I was out too long. I wanted to get back on the field and help the team win. I hate being on the sideline watching everybody go to war and I am not able to help.”

Redman definitely did his share to help against the Giants, rushing for 147 yards and a touchdown in the 24-20 win, turning out the performance he had been hoping for all season.

“When we were behind, and the running backs were down I knew it was going to be mostly me,” said Redman. “I wanted to put it on my shoulders and carry the team when it came to rushing. I didn’t want to let them down even though I was banged up. I just fought through it.”

The team should have Jonathan Dwyer back this week after he missed the Giants game with a quadriceps injury, and Rashard Mendenhall is also gradually working his way back to full health.

Coach Mike Tomlin said earlier this week that whoever is being productive when healthy is “going to get the totes.” That is something Redman likes to hear, knowing it’s up to each back to get the job done.

“That makes you feel better because you know the deciding factor is on you,” said Redman. “If you perform well, you will be in the game and get the ball. It’s who is playing well at the present time and it makes you feel good about yourself.

“You have to take the opportunity and run with it. You have to put your bid in and try to impress the coaches so when everybody is healthy you get your carries and are not sitting on the bench.”

While some might look at the lack of a definitive main guy in the running game right now, Redman thinks it can be an advantage to have three backs that are capable of starting and are all working towards the same goal.

“We are trying to win so at the end of the day I am not selfish saying I want to be the starting running back and carrying the ball 26 times a game,” said Redman. “We have three guys that are capable of being a starting running back and I would like to see all three of us get carries and be able to pound defenses out.

“It’s just scary to see what we can do when all three of us are able to carry the ball at the same time.”


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