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Woodley helps kids keep on playing

Posted by Teresa Varley on August 16, 2012 – 8:58 pm

Linebacker LaMarr Woodley made a $60,000 donation to Saginaw (Michigan) Public Schools to help cover the budget cut that was being made to the athletic department, which would have resulted in students having to pay $75 each to participate in sports.

Woodley knows it would have been tough for him if he had to pay to play sports in school and doesn’t want other kids to be in that situation.

“It was just something that needed to be done,” said Woodley. “I know how it is being in this situation. If I had to pay to play sports, I knew what the outcome of that would be. It was just something that needs to be done.

“It’s hard times for people back at home, and people everywhere. If it allows a kid an opportunity to earn a scholarship, or just learn about playing team ball or having a mentor in some of the coaches, because that’s what they are, and a family can’t afford 75 dollars, it would be tough. I wasn’t going to sit back and allow that to happen. I was able to do something about it and I did it.”

Woodley’s donation covered the entire budget cut, which includes his former school Saginaw High.

“It will help about 800 kids who won’t have to pay this year to play sports in high school or middle school,” said Woodley. “Now they don’t have to worry about that. I’m sure there were some kids worried about the money and hopefully I helped out a little bit.”

The donation was made through the newly found LaMarr Woodley Foundation, something he plans to use to continue to help in Saginaw and Pittsburgh.

“Sports got to me where I’m at right now and this money could help somebody attain a scholarship for next year,” said Woodley. “It’s just helping people out. People helped me along the way and now I’m doing my job and giving back to my hometown.”

Coach Mike Tomlin was impressed with Woodley stepping up and making the donation and continuing his commitment to the community.

“I think that’s a responsibility that they all embrace,” said Coach Mike Tomlin of the donation. “He’s the kind of guy that is not looking for acknowledgement in that area but he understands the responsibility of being LaMarr Woodley.

“I complimented him on it to be quite honest with you. That’s a man that took $60,000 and provided potentially a lifetime of opportunity. If there’s one kid that didn’t get an opportunity to play sports and does, imagine if he goes on and gets an athletic scholarship and how much that $60,000 has helped someone. It’s part of being us, and I’m glad that men like him embrace it.”

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20 Responses to “Woodley helps kids keep on playing”

  1. By mel on Aug 16, 2012 | Reply

    I am very impressed with the altruistic actions of Lamarr Woodley. It is a charitible contribution that will have a ripple effect. Not just for that district but for all the people who hear of it. It is wonderful to hear such a positive story in these trying times.

  2. By steelcity ridah on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    u know what it is that bng tradition keep it up steeler nation.lead by example

  3. By Debbie on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    This generous & selfless gesture has singlehandedly propelled LaMarr Woodley to the top of my “fav Steeler of all time” list. Mr. Woodley is a class act, humble in his own words. This thoughtful & inspirational act is potentially lifechanging for so many kids… it warms my heart (and I’m a lifelong Buckeye!). Much love Mr. Woodley!

  4. By dale r schaffner sr. on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply


  5. By Syndi M on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    My son wanted to play football so we went to sign him up. Fees to play were $300. He could apply for school grant, but that would only be for $100. In Utah high school football is for the wealthier families.

  6. By bigjt3 on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Right on Lamarr, you rock!

  7. By Paul T on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Way to go Lamar. That is a True Steeler. Luv ya Man

  8. By Mama Bread Baker on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    As if I wasn’t already proud enough to be a Steeler fan! Thank you Lamar.

  9. By Mary Clark on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks LaMar….you are an example for other athletes to follow. Great Steeler!!
    Go Steelers, You ROCK

  10. By Lynn on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    You make Steeler Nation proud once again!

  11. By fsufanboy on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Awesome! Saginaw doesn’t forget you, and it is so refreshing that you haven’t forgotten them. It is so impressive. As someone who left Saginaw, it is hard to disconnect from the area, especially with all of the negative publicity our hometown gets. Kudos and keep up the good work. Have a sage season.

  12. By Chris R on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    These days we hear all too often about the bad things pro atheletes do. It’s refreshing to hear about the good. It makes me proud to be a Steeler fan – go black and gold!!

  13. By Mitch F on Aug 17, 2012 | Reply

    Long Time Steeler Fan 1977 to present,

    Very classy move, LaMarr so glad you are a Steeler!

  14. By Dr emmitt Patterson on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Pittsburgh steelers always draft or recruit men with character. Their coach mike tomlin and defenseive coach display this type of charcacter.

  15. By Michelle Brower on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Sometimes one act of kindness or one word of encouragement can mean the difference between success and failure in the life of a child. God bless you LaMarr for thinking of these kids. I hope they will also help someone out some day.

  16. By Will Lacroix on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    You make me so proud to be a Steeler fan LaMarr, what you have done for these children is terrific. Your leadership both on and off the field is just wonderful, all of the Steeler Nation salutes your kindness.

  17. By Sonya on Aug 18, 2012 | Reply

    Dear Lamar I am honored to be your biggest fan you are awesome. Stay healthy and happy. God Bless you and the whole Steeler family.

  18. By Brian on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    “I’m doing my job and giving back to my hometown.”- LaMarr Woodley. Spoken like a true Steeler and a great human. god bless ya LaMarr!!!

  19. By Kevin Cinko on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    I wasn’t always a steelers fan. I became so when I joined the marine corps and left western PA behind. But since travelling the world and learning of all the great players who have upheld the traditions and high standards of what it means to be a Steeler, I am now a fan for life. Many other athletes who have worn the black and gold have done similar things and it just goes to show you that being a Pittsburgh Steeler is about more than being able to play football. It’s about being a man and on and off the field. It’s about stepping up and making a difference in other’s lives. The media needs to post more stories like this about wonderful athletes and less about trouble makers, drama, and Tebow running with his shirt off. God Bless Steeler Nation and Let’s get number 7 this year!

  20. By frank newsome on Aug 19, 2012 | Reply

    lamar woodly what a man you are dont many do that you are a special guy and i hope it comes back to you someday you deserve it

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